1 million computers and mining worth $ 2 million

In the days of hacking and mining without the knowledge of the users, there has been a new hacking incident. According to a local news source, police forces in Da Lian of China have developed malicious software to make illegal crypto money mining,

1 million computers = $ 2 million profit

After hackers created browser plug-ins that serve a variety of purposes and added malicious software into them, there are about 5 million computers in the country They have published ads in a way that will reach them.

Over a million users unknowingly clicked on the ad and built an add-on, making millions of dollars worth of crypto money mining.

A total of 26 million digibytes, decred and decrypted. siacon mining. According to the police report, the reason for hackers to make crypto money mining with a lower reserve and market volume is said to be that the aforementioned crypto currencies require much lower processing power and that the user does not realize that they are mining through the computer.

There is also team work [19659003] In addition, cybercriminals have agreed with 100 people to set up a distribution network and work well to further spread illegal mining software.

This development has made more than 100,000 computers, siacon mining


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