47 percent of South Africans are moderately approaching Crypto Money

When we look at the African continent, we see that the country that has one of the most advanced economies is South Africa.

According to a survey completed in April MyBroadband 2018 Cryptocurrency Survey South African investors who have never had any crypto money have become more serious about investing in the serious some are looking moderately at entering the crypto money sector.

A section of the explanation made by Mybroadband on Friday:

"There are some people who are not crypto-free or who have not already bought crypto money almost 50 percent of survey participants who have never been in the market are thinking of investing in crypto paralysis or crypto money mining in 2018. "

Crypto money markets have been quite revived especially in 2017, but a decline has been seen in the market by the beginning of 2018. As time went on, more and more governments began to pay close attention to the cryptographic sector, and regulations were being introduced by certain governments to the market.

About 25 percent of those surveyed by MyBroadband say they will "invest in crypto money" while 15 percent say they will invest in cyber money Source: CCN

The investment in the crypto money and the crypto money mining project and the investment in the crypto money mining industry