5 Evidence of Science Performing Mind Reading

Reading the mind is not only used for bad purposes, as it is usually shown. Science reads our minds with technology, but it is for the sake of humanity, that is, 5 perfect inventions that read our minds.

Scientists do not eat, do not drink, work for a period of humanity. Elon Musk says he believes future intelligent computers will see us as a kind of brains. Actually, you do not have to wait too long for it, the inventions in science-fiction films have even begun to enter our lives from the pearl. 5 wonderful inventions that science can read the mind:


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Hearing Aid Reading Mind

Hearing aids are a truly extraordinary invention. But sometimes it can cause some problems in crowded environments. Mind reading and artificial intelligence come into play here. This technology by Columbia University Engineering and Applied Science is a cognitive hearing aid. Combining neurology and engineering, this device allows you to use it comfortably by understanding what you are in a crowded environment.

Future Inquiry Device

Have you ever wondered how the criminal inquiries will be in the future? Researchers at Ochanomizu University in Japan have developed a device that allows one to analyze brain movements. Ichiro Kobayashi, one of the researchers in the project, stated that the purpose of this device is not to be a large-scale lie detector.

Bionic limbs

Bionic prostheses have made great strides in recent years, and it's also true that mind control is also used in this technology. The engineers at Johns Hopkins University have signed a successful prototype of a prosthesis that uses nothing but the brain. When Silvestro Micera, a professor of neuroscience at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Engineering School, spoke about digital prosthetics, he said: "The information recorded by the sensors in the dentures is understood by the brain and gives a sense of touch."

Early Diagnosis for Epileptic Seizure

The main causes of epilepsy are still unknown. Uncontrolled epileptic seizures can be extremely dangerous for both the patient and the people around them. But mind reading technology can also help. The University of Melbourne and the IBM Research team in Australia have built a deep learning algorithm that analyzes the electrical activity of patients' brains and significantly improves the prediction of seizures.

Preventing Impulsive Bad Behaviors

From the Stanford University School of Medicine, researchers have developed a mind reading technique that can be used to reduce dangerous behaviors. The system follows a characteristic pattern of electrical activity before the impulsive behaviors that occur in the brain and then gives a targeted fast electric power.

Controlled Virtual Reality

Do you ever think that you can use the virtual reality system without needing any kind of control? That's the idea behind a project by technology company Neuturable and VR graphics company Estudiofuture. The company is currently busy converting the system into a brain-controlled system.