5 People Want to Play Bitcoin 1 Million Dollars Got Burned

Five people were arrested in the United States who were accused of theft of Bitcoin of $ 1 million .

In the case of the US state of Georgia, 5 people who tried to steal Bitcoin worth $ 1 million, were caught by police forces in Forysth Country . Thieves who attempted to steal a $ 1 million Bitcoin by entering a home in the district

Four months before that, in early 2018, Forysth Country police crews, had taken into custody the allegations that four people were smuggling drugs in a hotel. Four people with latex gloves, a voice recorder and various equipment on their hands were sent from prison on 19 January for lack of sufficient evidence.

However, when the investigation was further deepened, a totally different fact emerged. At that time, four people who had been arrested for alleged drug abduction by the police were actually alleged to be in a neighborhood resident's house and ready to steal their Bitcoins; Residential Strong Arm Robbery “/>

A member of the Crime Squad, Adams and McDermont, Hartsfield Jackson near the region, caught in the air while was about to board the plane;

The other two members of the gang, South and Schwartz, managed to escape from Atlanta by flying out of Atlanta, making it impossible for two other friends to make it, but in Chicago, two detectives experienced in combating crime;

The 5th and last county of Illinois, the resident of Illinois, Justion Ellison was captured on May 11.

The following statements were used in written statements made by police teams:

"Trivette Adams, 20 years old, who lives in Pflurgerville, Texas, Robert South, 21 years old from Norcross, Matthew Schwartz, 18 years old, resident in Hesperia California Michael Mc Dermott and Justin Ellioson were arrested for sentencing for robbery and crimes against the law and sent to prison. The details of the trial of the defendants will be shared in the coming days. "

The attempt of theft resulting in this failure; once again brought to mind the question of what conditions Bitcoin and other crypto money should hide. In particular, Bitcoin owners should be more careful in this regard. As it has been said many times; keeping private passwords on an offline platform and in a place where no one knows or can not find them;