5 Personal Information That Internet Sites Have Gathered About Us

We entrust our personal information to many sites without even realizing it when surfing the Internet.

Even if we do not feel like stopping and thinking, we are giving more information to our internet sites than we thought it would be. From our home address to our sex, from the information of our family members to phone numbers, we can provide a lot of information to the internet sites within seconds. Let's look at this information together.

Where we live

This is the information that Internet sites are most comfortable learning about us. Imagine that you gave a paper in which every person's home address you meet on the road is written, you will notice how strange the situation is. But every internet site we enter easily learns our IP address and can use it to make our address. You need to use VPN services in order to prevent this, but this time you are revealing your address to VPN services.


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Our system knowledge and demographic qualities

Most websites try to get as much information as possible about us in different ways. Some of the information we obtain is the type of scanner we use, the type of system we use, and even the resolution of our screen. What's more, Google is trying to predict your gender and your age by the searches you make, and often you know. This information is also being transmitted to the owners of websites using Google Analytics. Fortunately, it's just an estimate.

Family members' information

Many apps and websites want you to log in from a social media account. For example, if you enter your settings on Facebook and browse through the applications you allow, you can see how many applications get your permission to access your information. The applications can easily access the information of your family members in this way.

Telephone number, e-mail

If you have any idea how many e-mail addresses you have given up to today, we think you can not finish it. In addition, there are many applications that have phone numbers. Even if you use a different e-mail to subscribe to internet sites, you will not be able to give the phone number differently. Therefore, it is very critical to give this knowledge only to the applications that you trust very much; or you may notice that your phone number has received a bunch of spam messages.

Your interests

Internet sites can easily group all topics that interest you during each visit. They even know what kind of words you read in other internet sites. It's the cookies that provide that. Using cookies, advertising companies have quickly solved all of your interests that your loved ones can discover just months later.

It is also quite easy to prevent such cookies from being collected, so you can turn this feature off in the settings of the browser you are using. For example, if you're using Google Chrome, you can solve this problem by going to the settings tab of your browser and expanding "Advanced" at the bottom and "Cookies" in "Content Settings" to activate the option "Block third party cookies."