A Giant Astereoid Tuget Gececek

A huge asteroid will pass by our Earth tonight, but you do not have to worry. This asteroid does not pose any danger to us.

by the time Turkey carries a 3 night sky, a short distance from the world and will pass quickly tangent 12 kilometers per second. Of course, there is a benefit, the nearest concept is quite relative.


            That Sky Stone Has Fallen Another Time Dinosaurs could be alive today!

Astronomers discovered this heavenly rock for the first time on November 30, 2010 and named it '2010 WC9', soon after which the heavens disappeared from the viewpoint of scientists. Paul Chodas of the research team: "We did not know it was close enough, but the asteroid would not hit the Earth, which would be a great chance for us."

If you have a small amateur telescope, set your watches to 3 and stand by. If you are wondering where the sky stone will be, you can check the coordination information in the following context.