According to Roger Ver, Bitcoin Cash will double its value by the end of the year

Roger Ver CNBC, one of Bitcoin's first investors, said that cryptographic users and developers around the world have embraced Bitcoin Cash faster than Bitcoin Core.

The original Bitcoin is called Bitcoin Core by Roger Ver to distinguish it from the other versions.

Bitcoin Cash is the first of Bitcoin Cash. Sometimes referred to as "Bitcoin Jesus," Ver said Bitcoin's software is slow, expensive and unreliable because it is one of its investors.

Ver also said that new innovations and infrastructures were built on Bitcoin Cash, using the following phrases:

"Like my CEO,," said Bitcoin Cash,

The website helps investors buy and store Bitcoin and other crypt money

Ver explains why Bitcoin Cash expects to rise in the following way:

"The economic path over Bitcoin Cash is what led to Bitcoin's original success. In 2011, I expect to see Bitcoin Cash rise for the same reason if I wait for the rise in Bitcoin. "

On Tuesday, BitcoinCash created a new Blockchain with 32 MB block size limits. With the software update, Bitcoin Cash's value dropped by about 5 percent.

Bitcoin Cash is currently at about $ 1,300