Alan Turing's Full Story with Secrets

Alan Turing is a person who has had many successes in his short life. A real entrepreneur and mathematician. So much so that when he was a younger child, he worked on derivative and integral.

When he reached the age of 16, he was now able to understand Albert Einstein's laws and even hold criticism notes. Moreover, he shared these notes with his classmates and wanted to get their ideas. But that was not possible, because they only thought at the level that a high-level physicist could understand.

He entered Cambridge King's College, especially thanks to his knowledge and ability in mathematics.

In the years that followed, the University of Princeton, one of the best universities in the era, has been awarded the prize received the offer and accepted the offer, started to work here. During this period Turing continued his doctoral studies and received his Ph.D. in philosophy and returned to the city of Cambridge after his doctorate.

In time, Turing, which became the 'brain' of the state decryption unit, was closely following the British Intelligence. And when calendars show the year 1954; one day, he was found dead by his maid, with a bottle of cyanide next to his bed and a bitten apple. The media reported that Alan Turing committed suicide to the public. But this was a rather strange way of death! Already these reports were not convincing. Could this be a suicide-based 'murder'? Unfortunately, we can not say anything definite about this. But think, you have the most important information of the state, and you are encrypting them! The decision is yours …

It is suggested that Apple's logo, the famous bitten apple, was inspired by Alan Turing's (!) Apple biting before he died! (We can easily say that there is not much question mark in the head about the source of the symbol after some of the executives missed it.)

We know him more with his contributions to mathematics

Apart from central limit theorem studies, he mentioned a very different and interesting theory in his article 'Calculable Numbers' published in early 1937 (you can also find 1936).

This proof is an instrument in the form of a calculator that solves mathematical calculations that are difficult, inexcusable, and very difficult to prove. And indeed it was a representative of artificial play theory and artificial intelligence.

Alan Turing, in his time when he lived, his works are very unknown and his works are a kind of unrecognized, unrecognized work. He was also a very hardworking scientist at the same time. Moreover, Turing is now considered not only math but also one of the most important representatives of computer science.