Albino Animals Cursed With Wildness by Beauty

Ten vivid aliens caught in the "Albino" disease based on the absence of melanin found in both humans and animals.

Disease of which nature is sometimes seen in humans and is also common in animals, whether it is a gift of nature or a curse Albino, resulting in lack of melanin pigment that gives the body its natural color.


This disease, which does not have very serious symptoms for human beings except for appearance, becomes the curse of many creatures when it is wild nature in particular.
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Having white hairs or tits instead of a color to provide darkness and camouflage, particularly when considering the wild conditions prevailing in hot climates, means hunting for many wild creatures without an adult. These creatures, which have become easily selectable by their appearances, often say goodbye by becoming an open destination.

From this point of view, Albino seems to be a curse of nature, but there is a fact that it becomes the most beautiful example of almost all species of living beings caught in this disease. . We have made a compilation of creatures that are extremely rare for you and who admire those who see with the nobility of white color.


The cursed creatures that have been rewarded with the beauty of wild nature among you.
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