Apple Can Open New Campus in North Carolina

plans to open another one after the campus opened in Apple San Francisco. The US company will position its new campus in the state of North Carolina if necessary grounds.

According to the Washington Post, Apple is making plans to build another campus. According to the report, if the North Carolina state authorities agree to lower taxes, Apple will begin construction of a campus near Research Triangle Park. There are many technology companies in the vicinity of this area where 3 major research universities of the country are located.

Research Triangle Park was named after the Duke University, North Carolina University and North Carolina State University campuses. IBM and Cisco Systems have already opened offices in these regions. In addition, Apple CEO Tim Cook has completed a master's degree in business administration at Duke University.

Apple has heard that designers have had difficulty working on the San Francisco campus, which previously had a space shuttle-like design. Even Apple's employees began discussing the importance of building rather than the health of the building. Let's see if Apple will offer the same design on its new campus