Automobile Manufacturers No Training Course on Emissions

The European Commission found serious evidence that automobile manufacturers wanted to manipulate the new standards that will come into force in 2020.

A group of company managers were arrested after Volkswagen's Dieselgate scandal. This scandal allowed many similar cases to be recognized. Subsequently, a large number of manufacturers have invested in electric car production.

The outcome of the Dieselgate scandal, which Volkswagen lived in 2015 and still has its effects on, has changed the results with software. This software made it easier to drive vehicles to the market by showing low emission results during tests. The new trick discovered by the European Commission is quite different.

According to the results from Brussels, an "artificial increase" was achieved in emission values ​​expected to be standardized in 2020. That is why the values ​​in 2020 for emission values ​​over the next several years will be taken as a reference. The 2020 level will even set the maximum level as an exit point. In short, playing with the standards in 2020 means saving the scourge for many years.

According to the details from the Financial Times, automobile manufacturers did not even realize what they were doing by realizing this trick. It is said that there are more than one company in the process. A striking part of the report is as follows:

It turns out that a deliberate change has been made in the test results from two different vehicles.

"Stop-start" technology in late-stage vehicles is a system that closes the engine to avoid emissions when vehicles are idle. You are also told that this feature has been disabled during the tests so that the test-stage emission looks natural.

Why do carmakers want to get high results in emissions testing, are they striving for it? The answer is simple: the results of these tests will set the 2020 standards, which will set the standards to be applied for many years. So the higher the emission results for 2020, the higher the dam is. It's ridiculous, but it's exactly what's applied.

Since producers do not want to experience dieselgate-like scandals again, they want to be subject to emission tests that they can easily pass. There are many unethical ways to do this.