Befund Service Platform received support from Daos Capital while preparing for Crowdsale

The Befund Service Platform is preparing for mass sales this week (May 16, 2018)

Singapore-based company announced that Daos Capital will be the 8th investment fund to support the project so far

Befund's home

Khalil Lin, "Khalil Lin, director of outside operations, said that Befund is aiming to be a preferred platform for global crypto-dealers, so that Daos's support is encouraging." Khalil Lin, "The traditional silos to create an exceeding ecosystem. Our system is built so that any person anywhere in the world can access powerful financial tools to manage their cryptographic assets. Adopting Daos as support shows that we are on the path to creating the ideal conditions for greater trust between global funds and international investors. "

Daos Capital, a leading group of senior investors and venture capitalists specializing in block trade and crypto money trading

The fund is involved in screening existing funds and evaluating reference professional funding standards, then developing short-term mechanisms to mitigate the impact of cryptographic currency volatility

The main focus of the fund is on the secondary market of digital assets in the name of investors, in the arbitrage field

Navigating the chaotic world of crypto-currencies can be a daunting task. Potential market participants are very interested but do not have a central area to gather information and information they need to succeed.

Befund is a nonprofit project designed to combine novice and smaller "retail" crypto-enthusiasts with professional fund managers [19659002] The Befund team believes that crypto money and Blockchain technology will become part of the mainstream over time.

The Befund Service Platform can address these issues by presenting the professionalism of venture capitalists, who conduct in-depth reviews of new ICOs and funds and share subscriptions with their intuition.

19659002] The project was designed to allow experienced venture capital professionals to bring the benefits of large funds to retail investors.

The platform also leverages Befund's SaaS platform for professional investors and fund managers with learning modules, subscription platforms and more

The company's flagship public BFD chain has been developed to serve the financial sector, and its users will be able to offer their own non-centralized fin

The overall objective of the project is to promote broad participation in the entire finance sector across the entire crypto market and thus enable subscribers to interact directly with industry experts with background in angel investing, financial planning and private equity

In addition, they are working to establish a partnership with a compliance audit services provider to ensure that they receive reliable cryptographic financial planning advice for their users as a source of information for their respective crypto-currency funds, fund managers, and token holders.

The Befund Service Platform is comprised of senior finance, technology and legal industry specialists who have previously been senior in a number of international companies, including IBM, Oracle and i2.

The company's COO is Chris Wu, who has been in senior management at Duncan-Williams Investment Bank in China and now at Trivantis Corporation.

These names were brought together by CTO of Mars Venture Technology and CTO of Heze Technology, Jack Hong.

Director of Operations Abroad

Mr. Wu has a master's degree in Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence Khalil Lin is an expert in the field of Blockchain and media in the United States and an expert on global jurisdiction around technology

All subscription and other tools of the platform can be accessed using the BFDChain token (BFDT)

A total of 500 million BFDTs will be available for sale, up to a maximum of two billion BFDTs.

More information about Befund can be found at and at Telegram (, including the sale of 9 percent to strategic supporters, 25 percent separation of buyers in the white list (including mass sales) accounts can be found at BefundOfficial.

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