Benedict Cumberbatch Not Equal to Female Men

Benedict Cumberbatch, who gave life to Sherlock, perhaps getting the chance to be included in one of the best productions in the history of the series, made important statements referring to equality between men and women.

Benedict Cumberbatch, who gave life to both Doctor Strange and Sherlock Holmes He has become a world famous actor in the BBC adaptation.

In fact, his point is more than a simple 'feminist' rhetoric.

Cumberbatch, who made a very interesting statement about the productions he starred in, stated that he did not act as a starter to female actors he shared. Indeed, what he is trying to say is a product of the logic of 'a person who works at least as much as I do not have to pay less for me because of my name'. Cumberbatch also said: "Taking equal pay and having the equivalent at the desk, these are the basic principles of feminism." Look at the wage chart and see how much the woman is getting paid. Say it! "


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Cumberbatch, who already has a huge fan base around the world, received more support and congratulatory messages from a large audience with these explanations. Do you agree with Cumberbatch's views? Or do you think he was in a chauvinist discourse?