Bitcoin also enters US investigation into election manipulation

A group of Russian military intelligence officials are accused of using Bitcoin to finance their operations, as part of an ongoing inquiry into Russian intervention in the US presidential election of 2016.

Prosecutors in the newly-published indictment, Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton of 12 intelligence officers

US Assistant Secretary of Justice Rod Rosenstein made the following statement in the press release: "

" The US Democratic Party has been hacking computer networks and e-mail accounts that the Democratic Party has owned and used, including the presidential campaign, The accused paid their cryptographic efforts around the world. "

While defendants use other currencies, including US dollars, while buying servers, creating domains, and paying for hacking activities in other ways,

The indictment contains the following explanations:

"In addition to bitcoin mining, conspirators have acquired Bitcoin with various means designed to conceal where funds are obtained. Among them are the purchase of Bitcoin via the exchange, the transfer of funds through other digital currencies and the use of prepaid cards. "

It is also claimed that the defendants used multiple private email accounts to track Bitcoin transaction information and facilitate payments.


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