Bitcoin [BTC] Moving Towards the Bear Market – Criminal Mt. Gox Kayyumu Mu?

Since the last three days the crypto money market has been under the influence of a great coup d'état. Prices continue unabated despite positive news on the market. Mt.Gox (formerly a crypto money market) is held responsible for social media communities as they move towards the general bear market on the market (price down trend in the market), with Bitcoin prices dropping just before it. Bitcoin has experienced a decrease of 2.98% compared to press time and is now trading at $ 8,365 at the current level of

Total market value a week ago $ 154 billion the current value compared to the press time after reaching the peak of last week in the 7-day period 12.5% ​​ at the end of the market

it has fallen. This massive decline took place during the last 24 hours when the price fell to around 6.5% . The market is still showing a decline and has a drop of 0.3% compared to the press time .

Mt. Gox is an old crypto money market that hacked and bankrupted even though it was one of the biggest stock exchanges in 2013 . According to the news, Mt. Gox lost 650,000 Bitcoins in in 2013 . In 2014, a $ 473 million worth of bitcoin was stolen, but still the stockbroker had [2000000Bitcoin in the hands of . In recent days 36 thousand Bitcoin sold by Nobuaki Kobayashi named kayyum Nobuaki Kobayashi Mt. At the beginning of Gox is a lawyer and lawyer . She recently announced that she has been selling Bitcoin

and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] for $ 400 million since the month of September in September to the public. After this confession, social media began to blame Kobayashi for pulling down market prices.

Experts Mt.

Mark a cryptoanalyst, states on the subject:

"It is important to note that what causes such a decline is that it is not possible for Gox to sell its Bitcoins, I believe it is a massive mass because they are doing nothing but watching the decline course after 19,000 peaks. This is generally a matter of public interest and will show you what I mean to you. The public interest index rate is now at 12% levels, while it was 100% in December .

More bitcoins are trading at more than 600 daily according to the statistics. Some of the social media are not directly related to the martial arts but rather because they sell Bitcoins. Reddit tells about the issue:

"The drop in prices means that Kobayashi sold the Bitcoins at a loss of $ 10,000 It arises. It's a dirty move. Yuh to you. "

Another Reddit users:

" It's a free market. She can sell BTC as long as she wants. Let's be a little honest. If you had entrusted the amount of bitcoin to you too much before you did it, you would have done it before you did, and you would have smashed the market before anyone did anything. "

" Twitter users:

"Those who hate will continue to hate but that's just normal.