Bitmain Madenciliki Devlerinden Bitmain's Corporate Appraisal 12 Billion Dollars!

Bitmain's dominant power, Bitmain, has been reported to raise $ 400 million in funding this year because it was opened to the public.

Regional media agency China Money Network told the fund collection round that Bitmain could make $ 12 billion worth of valuations. 19659003] The $ 12 billion valuation matches Bitmain's internal estimates, but goes far beyond many external analysts who estimate that the firm is between $ 8.8 billion and $ 10 billion.

According to the report, Bitmain is on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Founded in 2013, Bitmain produces application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips and crypto-money mining equipment.

Bitmain's biggest rival, Canaan Creative, planned to hold an IPO in Hong Kong in the course of the past few days.

If Bitmain's IPO succeeds, the firm will not only be the most valuable public crypto currency, but at the same time, $ 14.8 billion

As reported by CCN, Bitmain began designing ASIC chips for applications related to artificial intelligence, and Jihan Wu, CEO, said that the chipmaker, who has benefited from the bombing of the crypto money mining industry,

Bitmain said he would like to introduce an over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk at the beginning of this year, a retail-focused brokerage application and Stablecoin, which manages a crypto money exchange and, at the same time, American crypto money planning to take out a

Another noteworthy point is that Sequoia Capital China filed a lawsuit claiming that it violated an exclusivity agreement stemming from the fund raising discussions held in 2017, and that the escort was based on Hong Kong-based crypto money The unit is in a legal battle with the stock market, Binance