"Blockchain is a magic trick." – Crypto Money News

John McAfee surprised everyone, among other things, in an interview with Adel de Meyer, founder of The Crypto Collectors, with an up-front prediction for Bitcoin.

"Blockchain is one of the greatest events in human history."

John McAfee described Blockchain as one of the greatest events in human history,

An event changes our forms of culture that can rarely be seen, measured, and felt. There have been two incidents in the last 200 years. The first was the industrial revolution. The second was the digital revolution.

John McAfee also explained that the potential of Blockchain is a "block" that will allow people to use it to accelerate the evolution, and that the block could support any decentralized construction,

] If existing companies start working in Blockchain, all functions will be distributed.

"What world would you like to see before your eyes?"

He also said that the potential of Blockchain as an obstacle in today's hierarchical power systems has been explored. John McAfee said that mathematics could turn hierarchical systems into decentralized systems with precision, and that the limiting factor would be the flexibility of people. When technological revolutions were asked about ideas of politics and technology being out of politics, John McAfee said that technology could be used for good and evil, citing the example of a nuclear bomb and nuclear energy. John McAfee added to his accounts:

Blockchain is a magic wand. Which world would you like to see before your eyes?

John McAfee stated that Bitcoin is "more precise than ever" in the prediction of the bull that Bitcoin made to reach a value of $ 1 million by 2020. He also added that Golem (GNT) is now the favorite subcode of the crypto money.

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