Bringing Notch Support to Google Chrome

After Android Pie, the latest version of the mobile operating system, Google now brings notch support to mobile browser Chrome.

Google, on the contrary of Samsung, is trying to avoid Apple's annoyance, which is the biggest rival to both smartphone and mobile operating system. According to some, the main reason for this is that Google has accepted Apple's leadership in the smartphone industry.


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As you know, Apple has removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from its smartphones for various reasons with the iPhone 7. What has happened is that Google did not include a 3.5mm headphone input in Google Pixel 2, which was developed after the introduction of iPhone 7.

Apple has launched a worldwide "notched" smartphone trend with iPhone X. Many smartphone makers, especially Chinese brands, followed Apple and drove the notched models to the market.

As you know, Google has added notch support to the Android Pie version so that the mobile operating system can better fit on the notched smartphones. Google's offering of notch support to Android has strengthened the claims that Pixel 3 will be nicked.

However, Google's notch development is not limited to this. With Google Chrome 69, which is still in development, Google will offer notch support to make mobile browser better fit 'modern' phones.


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Notch support for Chrome mobile version means websites can use the areas next to the notches, which means they will not be blank. Of course, it will need to offer notch support for mobile versions of all your websites.

Chrome 69 is expected to be available in early September with notch support. So developers will have plenty of time to adapt their web sites to the notched design.