Crypto Money Exchange Bitfinex listed more than 5 new digital currencies

Bitfinex, one of the world's largest crypto money markets, is expanding its day-to-day digital money scales.

The digital funds to be listed include Auctions (AUC), Fusion (FSN), Polymath Network (POLY), CommerceBlock (CBT) and ORS Group (ORS)

. the trade of these digital currencies will be active from 1930.

With the news, the AUC increased by 24 percent, the POLY by 5 percent, the FSN by 4 percent, and the CBT by 13 percent. The ORS will be listed for the first time in a crypto money market with Bitfinex and therefore there is no price information.

With the last listings, the number of digital funds in Bitfinex has increased to 69.