Crypto Money Stock Supervision in South Korea Continues Full Gas

The financial authorities in South Korea have been following a string of local cryptographic exchange exchanges and the stock exchanges in the country are being reviewed by various institutions. The Financial Services Commission (FSC), the highest authority in financial regulation of the country, has also begun to examine South Korea-based cryptographic exchange exchanges.

One of the reasons South Korean authorities investigated cryptographic exchange exchanges was the possibility of money laundering through crypto-money exchanges. Investigations conducted to prevent money laundering of crypto money exchanges have so far been conducted by the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS), and FSC, who announced that it will participate in the research, will assist FSS throughout the process.

Commenting on FSC involvement in these investigations

FCS will examine the bank accounts of Korea-based crypto money exchanges in the direction of the FSS, and the anti-money laundering policy will be reversed in the middle, as FCS Vice Chairman Kim Yong-beom stated that regulators around the world should act in a more coordinated manner when they are crypto money. will check whether there is a falling situation.

According to the Korea Times, Kim Yong-beom said that the fact that they are closely following the country's crypto money exchanges is one of the reasons why bankruptcy and financial services sectors like Blockchain technology

The president of the FSC also stressed that global cooperation should be made in the policies applied to the crypto paralysis, and that the issue of on the issue should be addressed, "The international debate" said that the executive has become "necessity" . "

" We see a balanced development in accessibility and productivity, right in the blockchain technology.

Yook Suk-heun, who has recently taken over the position of FSS administration, has had some clarifications about crypto money on May 6, and in these explanations the crypto money was referred to "the positive aspects" . Suk-heun also pointed out that FSS is a liability such as to "produce some solutions for the crypto money trade and Blockchain technology to be better."