Daos Capital Participates in Support of Befund Project

Befund, a Singapore-based service platform, has been negotiating with various companies to bring the platform to a higher level in the last weeks, while preparing for the fund-raising process that will start on May 16th. Nearly the platform's supporters also joined Daos Capital.

The Befund platform wants to eliminate the challenges and challenges that potential crypto-money owners can live with. For this, he trusts the expert fund managers on the platform and generally invests in experienced crypto money. To create a service platform that fits the various legal regulations aimed at Befund, which can lead to crypto money funds, fund managers, token owners. The long-term goal of the project is to ensure that the finance sector is more involved in the crypto money market in general and to create an ecosystem in this direction. Befund is currently working with an organization that provides legal supervision to make sure that crypto-money recommendations presented to users on the platform are trustworthy. Users will also have the opportunity to communicate directly with the experts on the platform.

One of the most solid platforms of the platform is that it will attract very serious fund and fund managers. Befund announced this week that Daos Capital will offer platform support. Daos Capital is comprised of senior investors and risk capitalists who are experienced in BlockChain technology and crypto money trading. The company mainly focuses on the secondary digital money market.

The Befund service platform consists of experts in the financial, technological and legal sectors, and all of the experts have years of experience in their respective fields. Befund's CEO Winston Zhang served as senior vice president for several international companies including various IMB, Oracle and i2. Although he is mainly experienced in the banking and finance sectors, he has focused on Blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies in recent years. Chris Wu, COO of the company, is a graduate of computer engineering and focused on artificial intelligence – finance. He has worked in senior positions at Duncan-Williams's investment bank in China and is currently working at Trivantis Corporation. Jack Hong, the CTO of the company, was previously CTO at Mars Venture Technology in Beijing.

The name Khalil Lin, who is responsible for the overseas operations of the company, is specialized in the blockchain and media fields and focused on the worldwide legal situation of Blockchain technology.

Dan Clanton, COO of Duncan-Williams at Befund's advisory board, Charles J. Beech, CEO of Flypaper Studio, announces the annual product at MetLife Lucas Lui, founder of, Li Fude, is the head of cryptography research at Cisco. P. Duan.

Befund aims to be a bridge between potential investors and potential fund managers. The Befund platform is supported by the BFDChain token, briefly BFDT.

In the process of collecting money, a total of 500 million BFDTs will be sold and up to two billion BFDTs will be produced. More information about the Befund project can be found on the project site or on the Telegram

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