DigixDAO to be the future of gold!

In the past few months, the world is experiencing a crypto storm that has never been seen before. Crypto money is spreading frequently to new projects that promise various types of utilities to various industries. Digix is ​​a "first" decentralized autonomous organization or a token based on Ethereum, proud to be a DAO. At the time of writing, DigixDAO (DGD) ranks 54th with a market value of $ 408.5 million.

DigixDAO and gold link

Gold is an equal value status compared to other national currencies, as it is one of the first raw materials that people thought were valuable during the ages. The current gold market around the world has a value of more than 8 trillion.

There are certainly very similarities between gold and crypto currencies. One of the greatest similarities is the existence of total supply in both cases. Contrary to the price money that can be reprinted by the national governments according to the conditions, the total gold supply in the world is fixed.

However, there are big problems about gold purchasing and investment. Gold sellers sometimes cheat people with fraud. It is also a rather bulky material that is difficult to keep at home.

Two big tokens: DGX and DGD

DigixDao released DGX and DGD tokens precisely for this purpose.

DigixDao wants to fill this gap by allowing it to easily invest in normal investor and general population gold market. Both crypto paradots work very differently. While investing in DGX gold, it trades with DGD and gold to invest in the DigixDao platform.

DGX tokens

The DGX tokens is the main focus of the DigixDao platform. Each token was fixed under 1 gram of 99% LBMC approved. This gold is kept in a safe place in Singapore where it can store up to 30,000 kilograms of gold. The DGX token allows the trader to keep gold in place using the famous Blockchain technology. Thus, it fulfills two objectives:

  • To be a stable investment compared to other crypto currencies
  • To grant access to gold for small-scale investors

DGD token

DGD token is used for a significantly different purpose. A DGD buyer owns a share of the profit provided by the DigixDao platform, which comes from the transaction fees of the platform.

DigixDAO has the potential to become the future of gold

One of the great advantages of DigixDao being the primary player on the market is its first mover advantage. The crypto market is basically looking for a constant token that can be supported by a value or entity. Therefore, the future of DigixDao looks brilliant.

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