Discoverable in Turkey Super League in PES 2019!

The series of games played by many people, young and old, men and women, announced new licensed leagues with PES 2019. At this point the players cheer good news is that may be the Super League in Turkey in the league on should Odds.

Shortly PES opened announced and pre-order announcement will not be announced before 2019, the new news to stay a short time to enter the market is the subject. Speaking about the game, Konami officials underlined that licensed leagues will increase in PES 2019.

The company, which has been contracting with UEFA for about 10 years, included Champions League and European League organizations under the contract. However, this agreement, which ended in 2018, has not been renewed. At this point, we can list the new leagues that are included in PES 2019 as follows:

Belgium Jupiler Pro League
Scotland Ladbrokes Premiership
Denmark Superliga
Switzerland Raiffeisen Super League
Russia Premjer-Liga
Portugal Liga NOS
Argentina Superliga Quilmes Clásica



            Konami Announces 7 New Licensed Leagues of PES 2019!

Although not all of the leagues have been announced yet, the 9 league has been announced. Unexplained is one of the two leagues is expected to be Turkey Super League. It is currently not a certainty in this event, when the country's population and Konami's door is reached considered difficult days added to the game in Turkey Super League. So the arrival of PES 2019 Turkey Super League, will be a factor for you to buy the game, or you'll still persists m from FIFA. By participating in our poll you can tell which game you prefer.