Do not miss the 30% bonus opportunity in Game Stars tokens!

Game Stars completes the pre-sales event and sells 25 million tokens! The token is on sale until 25 May.

Game Stars is a multi-functional gaming platform designed to solve the basic problems of e-sports. The pre-sale phase ended and 25 million tokens were sold. The project collected more than 51 ETHs and 57 BTCs. GST has already taken its place in the crypto world. At the same time, cyber athletes participate in the platform and are interested in the project in the e-sports market.

The first round of Token sales will last until May 27, 2018. The volume of the dispatch will be only 300 million tokens. At the end of the token sale, all unsold tokens will be burned. A high demand for GST is expected among the e-sports community. If you want to buy tokens, hurry because there may not be enough tokens for everyone.

As soon as the token sale ends, the GST will be listed on the trading platforms. Game Stars signed an agreement with the YoBit stock exchange and the WEX stock has already approved its work with the platform.

Details on selling tokens

On the first round of token sales, participants will be able to buy GST with a 30% bonus! A token is worth $ 0,035 and a minimum investment of $ 10.

Solutions offered by the Platform

The Game Stars gaming platform was designed to enhance the interaction between participants in the e-sports market, and GST token the price will grow rapidly as the popularity of the project grows.

1- Unpaid winnings in games

Partial payment of earned money in tournaments is a common problem in the e-sports world.

2- High entry fees for novice players

Lack of popularity and funding are the main obstacles in front of novice players working for professionalization It turns out to be the opposite.

3- Weak market infrastructure

We all know that the e-sports market is relatively young. In addition, its development is accompanied by great popularity and demand, but there is no time for its participants to adapt to the increasing number of needs. Game Stars platform, players, sponsors, team managers, advertisers, etc.

4- Unreliable tournament organizers

The sharp changes in the conditions during the tournament are a problem encountered by many players. The smart contracts used by the Game Stars platform solve this problem.

If you still do not have a GST tackle in your portfolio, do not miss the 30% bonus.

For more information, you can visit the official website of the platform. Click here for the whitepaper.

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