Elon Musk's New Project Sell Sugar!

Elon Musk, who joked to set up a confectionery company over the past week, surprised everybody when she shared a photograph of a candy candy with Boring Candy over Instagram yesterday evening.

Big companies can sometimes come to the brink of financial crises. Tesla and SpaceX, who are Elon Musk's CEO, stand at such a threshold. Elon Musk, known as an entrepreneur, does not have much difficulty in finding new projects to survive, or to fund existing projects.


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Boring Company, the CEO of Elon Musk, also sold a hat and then a flame gun for the projects she wanted to spend on her life, and she managed to get serious funding. A few weeks ago, Elon Musk, joking about setting up a confectionery company, stated that he was 'super super serious' in his later statements.

Musk's share in Instagram from yesterday evening was all awe-inspiring. Musk sharing a photograph of a candy with Boring Candy (Boring Candy) on it and writing 'lol' on the bottom.


It is not known whether Musk is really serious about selling candy or just made a joke.
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Tesla is known to have bad days. There were even rumors that it was on the brink of bankruptcy. In addition, the situation of Musk's 'space company' SpaceX is not very open. In such a case it would not be too surprising for Musk to try to obtain financial resources by selling an irrelevant product like he did before.