Ethereum's Parity Announces New Update

Parity announced that they are publishing their new updates, which they support in special postings on the chain. With this new software update,

On Tuesday, it was stated that various improvements were made to the software in the update named Parity 1.11.1-beta . Despite the various problems that Parity is currently experiencing, old notebooks have also been opened with this update, while the product still does not lose anything from its popularity. As one would recall, due to a glitch in Parity's system, users had lost access to Ethereum in the related 587 wall 513 thousand 774 . no decision was made in the case of the re-use of the Ethereums of millions of values.

to be able to make special submissions. Developers will be able to create encrypted smart contracts, which will open up to hidden submissions. Useful code; while being stored in a special contract; this code is for everyone to see. While this particular code and contract is then confused between public contracts;

In the statement made by the company, the following statements were made:

"Custom submissions are a system developed for specific users. Such transmissions will take place in the main chain, but only those who are authorized to see it will see it. "

Maciej Hirsz writes to the well-known social networking site of Parity developer :

"What we refer to as private submission is essentially the entirety of private contracts. The contract itself will be encrypted as we know it. The submission will be out of the chain first and will be visible in the chain later when approved. Those who are sighted will see all of them. "

At present, all these updates are presented with various limitations. For example, it is now possible to make a special submission, which is a broker-brokered brokerage contract. At the same time, it is not known at this moment how many approvers are serving as prosecutors, and for this reason; everybody has to approve.