Experts claim that Ripple (XRP) will see $ 3 this year!

This week we start with some basic positives after a very frustrating weekend.

Ripple (XRP) has been greatly influenced by recent developments in the market

At the end of last week, the end of several major events that took place in the crypto currency of the crypto money market, the Ripple (XRP) We saw you falling. With a raid on Upbit, a South Korean crypto-currency exchange, and a fraudulent accusation against the stock exchange, Mt. Gox's involvement in Bitcoin on the market has seriously affected the market. The merger of these two events severely damaged the market. It seems that a few crypto currencies are still under the influence of these events and have not shown any sign of any improvement yet.

Ripple (XRP) has been greatly influenced by these events. During the past week, Ripple entered a downward trend with the complaint of an investor who filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs, saying he believed the XRP was a security.

Ripple continued to fall as the controversy surrounding the legal case increased

As the debate surrounding the legal case increased, the price fell from 0.91 to 0.81 dollars. Before these developments, the XRP regularly tested 1 dollar. The peak above $ 0.90 was a steady trend, and many investors finally believed that the XRP could find $ 1 this month.

With the continuation of the week and the spread of the news, the XRP fell to $ 0.65 and then retreated to $ 0.77. Since this pit, we've seen some progress in movements that are worthy of the XRP and ultimately that Ripple can see an improvement here. Can we see the $ 0.90 level soon?

Experts expect Ripple (XRP) to turn into 3 Dollars this year!

During writing, Ripple is trading at a level of $ 0.72 with a 4% increase. When the XRP starts to climb, it is thought that we can see the figures of $ 0.75 today. In this case, XRP is expected to find a level of $ 0.80 in the middle of the week. Due to the current situation of the markets, we can not accept that the XRP will rise very soon. Moreover, the increasing pressure on the court case and, of course, the fluctuations surrounding it, means that XRP can really be prevented for a while.

We will eventually see the XRP return to the dollar. Most experts expect the XRP to turn 3 dollars this year. So at least for now, this is the optimism. Otherwise, we will continue to follow the XRP.

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