Federated Investors: "Blockchain Will Pioneer the Future Industry Revolution"

Financial services company Federated Investors 's vice president Steve Chiavarone conducted an interview on Blockchain in CNBC in the past days .

Blockchain's influence on the economic growth

Blockchain believes that the future growth of the economy is the key to economic growth, Chiavarone, underlining the automation and efficiency enhancements offered by Blockchain, said:

"When we look at this development in the eyes of companies, this technology is quite expensive, and the extra time and paperwork agreement

Chiavarone goes on to say:

"Companies can have more efficient supply chains at this point. At this point, the paperwork and intermediary expenses of the office can be avoided.

In addition, he added that all companies using the supply chain could benefit from Blockchain technology.

Future Industry Revolution May be Possible

Chiavarone, He says he believes Blockchain will be one of the five important technologists who will shape an industrial revolution in the future. In addition to these five important technologies Blockchain automation robot technology artificial intelligence and Internet of Things

The next question asked in the interview was about how investors need to follow a path to take advantage of the fruits of this technology. In the question, investors were asked whether they should simply buy Bitcoin or focus on companies using Blockchain technology underlying Bitcoin. Chiavarone has mentioned that many people initially go to Bitcoin, but said that those who want to support this technology may be good choices for companies that are producing technology on Blockchain at the same time. For example, Nvidia and Intel showed companies producing technologies enabling the "enable blockchain verification" (a node for crypto money mining), Blockchain.

he mentioned that many big banks such as the US Bank of America were also interested in Blockchain and made serious investments for this technology. Chivarone said that many banks have begun to claim that they have invested in the Blockchain area at the Davos summit. It is quite probable that these claims are true because in February of last year we mentioned that the Bank of America has 45 patent application forms related to 45 crypto.

Although Chiavarone tries to avoid talking as much as possible, crypto currencies are an important part of Blockchain ecosystem

Another positive statement that took place this week is a blog post on risk capital and Fred Wilson from crypto money and Blockchain from the founders of Union Square Capital to come. Wilson, In response to the anti-Bitcoin statement by Warren Buffet he talked about how crypto currencies could help create a global, decentralized technology infrastructure.

"This new technology, built on Internet protocols,

Wilson stated that the smart contract on Blockchain is the most important novelty we have seen in the field of cryptography until this time.