Friendship Application Tinder'a Location Tracking Feature Comes

Tinder, the most popular matchmaking application used, is being used by many people fondly.

Tinder is seen as the most downloaded friendship application in application markets.

At this point in the test phase, Tinder's product manager, Jeff Morris, is planning on bringing more people to their social lives he mentioned more about the location tracking feature. It's useful to know that the feature will still be in the beta test phase, although it will be op-ed right now.

This feature, which will be passed to Tinder application, will also notify users when they go back like this. However, users will be able to set up a meeting place for themselves and mark their previous location.


It is expected that the number of people who meet and meet on the application will increase with this new feature that people in the same place can match.
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On the other hand, these listed sites were created in collaboration with Foursquare and Mapbox with OpenStreetMap's mapping technology. Thus, users will be able to list the areas they visit frequently or explore. We can say that Tinder's location tracking feature is in the test phase right now, but it will soon be a real one