Goldman Sachs vice president resigned for Bitcoin and crypto money

Wall Street is going to the crypto money. The last example is Chris Matta leaving the famous financial company for crypto money after he became vice president at Goldman Sachs.

According to LinkedIn account, Chris Matta manages assets worth more than $ 7 billion in Goldman Sachs. He was vice president at Wall Street's prestigious bank.

Matta then left Goldman Sachs and created his own crypto money-focused investment vehicle with two colleagues Ali Hassan and Michael Kazlev, who worked together.

Matthew said that when the boss heard the news that he was leaving Goldman Sachs, he called him to his office and said he said:

"He asked me, 'Are you crazy?' "

Chris Matta (right)

Matthew speaking to CNBC," When you leave Goldman, you will leave a good amount of money at the table. But I saw it as a calculated risk. You are always looking for alternative asset classes at Goldman, and I said, maybe this is an alternative investment we need to start getting serious. Either it goes to zero or the bigger peak. I do not regret it. To be honest, it was the most exciting few months of my life. "

When bitcoin and other crypto money began to rise sharply in 2017, Matthew said he was recognized as a crypto specialist at work, and he said," I will give you 50,000 dollars,

Matta and his colleagues are now moving towards the goal of attracting $ 50 million worth of assets.