How does RedCoin provide value for your internet development?

There is no doubt that we are at the edge of change with the emergence of Blockchain technology. In fact, top-level technology users such as Mark Andreessen (a renowned investor in software companies) have called Blockchain technology the most important innovation since the beginning of the Internet.

The Blockchain network can be a catalyst for value Internet

However, while the upper crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are still struggling with scalability and interoperability issues, the value of Blockchain for the Internet is increasing, in itself can be a way. Perhaps there are crypto paradigms, such as ReddCoin (RDD), which can be game changers, especially considering the support of an Evidence Speed ​​Protocol in the Blockchain network. A Blockchain network that allows low bar participation to enter the mining side of the equation can be a catalyst for value Internet.

What is ReddCoin's proof of stake?

Proof of stake was designed as an alternative to both proof of stake and proof of work algorithms. It is basically designed to encourage activity (speed) and ownership (share) on the network so that ReddCoin serves two purposes; a value and a currency.

How does this value help the Internet

Blockchain can be used to store valuable assets (crypto money, tokens, or valuable digital assets and information) ReddCoin's POSV protocol provides less fire in the mining industry as it cuts through the process by distributing the verification.

ReddCoin, tipping platform

Other additional features that allow ReddCoin crypto money to be placed at the forefront of the value of the internet include social services and tipping, which creates a decentralized system for payments like never before

Basically, on ReddCoin's tipping platform, users can distribute ReddCoin equally to other users, either crypto paralara, an IPCO investor, or even their friends and family.

ReddCoin's web identity crypto accounts make it easy

ReddCoin is another revolution in the value of crypto-value, which is also the Web ID. With Web identity, ReddCoin users can use their username or a simple sentence to direct and spend their crypto money on any device as long as they have a web identity.

This not only makes it easier for the mainstream public to handle the use of cryptographic currency,

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