How will Artificial Intelligence get our work done?

As the boundaries of what artificial intelligence and robots can do grow, there is a big dystopian question to mind;

As humanity, technology, design and development of science have always been two fundamental directions. Centuries ago, it was because of the opposition to science and technology that religion had to be deformed by abuse in this sense, and people did not want to believe what science said. The past few years have made us considerable in this regard, and there is now no obstacle to technology and science.

I think artificial intelligence is not wrong for the most valuable and fast developing technology of our day. "This artificial intelligence robot will bring the end of mankind", "20 years later, all the people will be unemployed because all their work will make artificial intelligence."

Of course As we started to benefit from the blessings of artificial intelligence and gradually got used to this idea, there was a decrease in the first of these discourses. I now believe that we are convinced that the ultimate goal of the robots is not to destroy us. But the other issue is that intelligent robots take our work away from us is a bit more serious and far from a science fiction scenario.


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Yes we are at the peak of machine-building, now we can do a lot of work with robots. We do not even need to click anymore because even a voice command is enough. But as people, there are things that will enable us to take a deep sigh and relax. Human-specific behaviors, emotions and social skills will precisely ensure that we keep the most important issues and tasks that separate us from robots.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence is the most important factor in people's communication skills. Emotional intelligence, which is crucial in terms of the individual in our work and working within a business unit, is one of the critical features that distinguish us with artificial intelligence. In the future, it is thought that individuals who have developed themselves in the sense of emotional intelligence will continue their success in terms of professional sense by taking place in front of artificial intelligence. For this, it is necessary to constantly develop empathy skills and social communication skills.

Creative Problem Solving

Problem solving is one of the first qualifying features to come out against even when you want to be present in a business application. Ability to solve a problem instantly and creatively and to remain calm when doing so is a feature that employers look for most. More than 2,000 participants in the US, Germany, the UK and Japan have shown that individuals who are competent in problem solving and have a high level of creativity are much better at achieving their job and career goals. In fact, what lies primarily lies here besides problem solving. Creativity, one of human intelligence's differentiating features from artificial intelligence, may be the salvation of people in the professional sense in the future.


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Curiosity and Flexibility

Artificial intelligence is constantly learning, and there is no limit to this learning. But artificial intelligence does not have the instinct and the need to learn. This is exactly what is characteristic of the human being. We are excited about learning, we are curious and we are always open to new ideas and information. In the future, this is one of the situations that distinguishes man from artificial intelligence, and that will highlight it, especially when it comes to business. So if you are curious, innovative and open-minded, you will increase your success rate in the professional sense in the future and you will be one step ahead of artificial intelligence.