IBM Achieves Another Project on Stellar

In a statement made by the computer giant IBM, it was announced that they signed a business alliance agreement with Veritium the Fintech initiative and that the two companies will work together to produce a crypto monopoly on Stellar Blockchain.

As it is known, each company has a special carbon consumption credit, and it is known that the two companies will work together to do something for environmentalism, according to the statement that IBM and Veridium will jointly produce cryptoparae. evaluation criterion is quite difficult. It is also difficult to adapt these loans to traditional accounting rules. IBM and Veridium are working together at this point, expecting to find a solution using Stellar Blockchain;

Todd Lemons, founder and co-CEO of Veridium noted in his statement that:

"Over the years, there has always been a great deal of environmental concerns we tried to make people conscious. However, I can not say that we are approaching to finding a positive solution to this issue in the past. But now with the help of Blockchain, you can develop something digital; we will be able to more closely monitor the institutions' taking carbon credits and their assessments, and on this account we will have a clearer set of data on the atmospheric effects of these gases. I think this is very good news. "

IBM has already collaborated with Stellar. In this new token project, it is targeted that token will not belong to only certain companies and will be distributed worldwide through a public network. Independent of any trial or pilot process of the program;

Bridget van Kralingen at the head of IBM's Blockchain researches expressed his uncompromising pleasure in using the following statements:

'' We thought we could help Veridium by using a publicly-allowed Blockchain network. An initiative has been working for a better world and a better job for a long time and they are very good at it. We should also do such a business with them; It also shows people once again how well Blockchain can touch various areas of your life. Now, with Veridium, we are making a fresh turnaround on the calculation and accounting of carbon consumption. I hope we will improve our environmental conditions on this point. "