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Theater, which brings an important unit of the culture industry to the stage, does not stop responding to social changes because it obtains the material from culture and therefore from society. It is evident that theater can not remain silent about wars, ethnic divisions, violence becoming a natural part of our lives, and stability in determining the media's perception and behavior.

Theater is Affected by the Political and Political Situation of Developing Countries

In the comfort of wealth in advanced consumer societies, of course, the problems can of course be repressed and ignored. while in developing countries it is not at all. More specifically, in an environment in which authoritarian tendencies, oppression, violence, and especially governmental pressures that ignore human rights are felt in full intensity, democracy is not fully established ( three military prisoners since 1960) it is getting a falling share. Even if it is utopian from time to time in such an environment, there is also the hope that it can be narrated, questioned, opposed, changed, or improved through the theater.

Ferhan Şensoy's Karl Valentin Sketches

  Ferhan Şensoy's Karl Valentin's Sketches
Ferhan Şensoy's Karl Valentin Sketches

The eighty-year-old laughing master Ferhan Şensoy made his sketch of Karl Valentin In an experiment he performed at the show, the theater and life are so strikingly intertwined, the theater's stimulating power is striking like a slap in the face of a human being. A few people in Nazi uniforms stop identity theft in Beyoğlu, Istanbul. Even if there are those who are surprised, they are not opposed.

Genco Erkal's Sivas 93 game

 Genco Erkal's Sivas 93 game
Genco Erkal's game
 Genco Erkal's Sivas 93 game </strong><noscript><img class= Genco Erkal's Sivas 93 game Sivas 93 game </figcaption><noscript><img class= -Muhsin Ertuğrul's students Handan Uran and Kerim

-Muhsin Bey said, "" You must have worked hard on the work of the gentleman

-Atatürk "

"" My master is a conservatory at first. "


"The other guests on the court on the case, turn, " The Lords! You can all be deputies, you can be deputies, you can even be president, but you can not be an artisan. Let love these children devoted to the art of life. "he says.

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Darülbedayi (Istanbul City Theater is now called) is Turkey's first conservatory was founded in 1914. [19659008] Sincerely.