Increase in KIN found 50% – Why is it rising? Here are a few reasons


KIN is a Canada-based social media company with tens of millions of users around the world and a digital charge for messaging application Kik. The idea behind KIN is to allow creators and consumers to act directly instead of relying on ad revenue to monetize content. The project has collected approximately $ 100 million in funding at the ICO.

KIN has seen an increase of more than 42 percent over the past 24 hours. A KIN that rises to 55 percent during the day is currently 3 satoshi, or $ 0.000270.

A large portion of the volume is on HitBTC with the Bancor Network. These two stock exchanges have a share of about 62 percent.

In addition, KIN is the most highly valued crypto money among the top 100 crypto coins.

What is the reason for this increase and what is the news about KIN?

First of all, it is necessary to express that there is a good team of KIN and they are almost free. The platform announced that they had plans to create their own block chains in the past days and that they were working on it.

We said that KIN is a digital part of the Kik application, which has tens of millions of users. It seems that KIN will be an active currency when it is integrated with applications.

In addition to this, it is expected that the Kin Foundation will make important announcements about the project at Consensus 2018 event, which will start tomorrow. There are also rumors about adding Coinbase

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