Increased Reality Becomes a Fraction of Education

Virtual reality and enhanced reality technology are now becoming a part of our lives.

Increased reality is a long overdue issue, and big technology companies will come to this place, and they are making various improvements on it. This technology, which is now in our lives, is beginning to be used for a very useful job.

The process started in Australia was done in collaboration with Creative Agency Protein One and Root Studios. Students were accompanied by Oculus Rift for the application, which was launched to educate children on the recycling process. Children who are at a recycling facility in Hume have learned by experiencing the incident.


            Playing Hologram Game Increased Due to Increased Reality

With the launch of the new application, we can say that the structuring of the increased reality technology in the field of education has also increased. Speakers who talk about the subject, it is stated that this technology will also be effective in visual games, voices, environmental interactions and machine use. Obviously it is exciting to see how such a technology can be used in such a useful way.