Intel Announces Production of External Display Board

Intel was inadequate for integrated graphics processors and finally announced that it would produce an external graphics processor in 2020 for even more powerful performance.

Many users have found that Intel's built-in graphics processors are not compatible with external GPUs from companies like Nvidia and AMD '. This dissatisfaction for users who use their computer for visual design and play and the external processor market seems to have motivated Intel. It was expected that an external, high-performance external graphics processor would be available from Intel, but almost everyone thought that these processors would not come before 3-4 years.


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According to Intel's official twitter account issued on 2020, the date predicted for new graphics processors. However, experts say that the process of producing such hardware is quite challenging and wonders how Intel will do it in the second year.

Intel's graphics processors are integrated into CPUs, but these graphics processors have very simple designs, I have. Professional use was inadequate as it was not suitable.

This news, coming a few months after Intel's transfer of expert AMD expert Raja Khoduri on graphics processors,



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The company had a similar announcement in 2010, but the expected GPU did not arrive at all. This does not mean that there is any suspicion, but all users want to believe in the accuracy of the news, because competition on graphics processors is the biggest factor driving growth.