Jack Ma Announces Who Will Take His Quest

Jack Ma, Founder and CEO of Alibaba, explained to whom he would transfer his office.

Jack Ma, founder of the Alibaba mission in recent days, confirmed this news with a new explanation and explained who he would replace. Daniel Zhang, now CEO of the company, will continue to serve as Jack Ma's position, according to a statement made to inform company employees and the public.

Daniel Zhang, who will be appointed chairman of the board of directors on September 10, 2019, it will be. Jack Ma will remain in the Alibaba governing board after this date and will continue to be a permanent member of the Alibaba Partnership. The explanation for why the new chairman of the board will take over in 2019 came from Jack Ma.

Ma stated that he will continue to work for one more year in order to ensure that the transition period is smooth and that troubles are avoided. Later, Jack Ma is told that he will return to his teaching profession. In fact, Ma even printed a business card that he wrote as his 'teacher' for this process.


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Ma stated that "Teachers always want their students to pass through themselves, so the responsible behavior that I and the company must do is to ensure that young people take on the leadership role of the more talented people so that they can take over the task of making it easier for them to do business everywhere"