Japanese Nomura Bank Security Solution for Corporate Crypto Investors

Japan-based international investment bank Nomura announced that they will start a new application on digital asset surveillance.

Nomura will pass on this venture to partnerships with digital asset security company Ledger and investment company Global Advisors .

19659004] At present, there are shortcomings in the world of cryptography about the storage of digital assets with powerful and legally regulated systems. For this reason, fund managers enter the crypto-money ecosystem and withdraw themselves without producing new investment vehicles in the field.

The name of this new digital asset surveillance initiative, will be "Komainu" and will be used by institutional investors, traditional investors, as well as traditional investors.

Yesterday, the American cryptographic exchange Coinbase announced its own protection project to solve security and legal compliance issues. At the beginning of this month, the New York Stock Exchange ICE, said that it had the potential to attract $ 10 billion worth of institutional investors in the sector. Adam White,

The general belief in the market is that now the two remaining barriers to mature crypto money market and to widespread institutional investment are security problems and legal disputes that have to be addressed by lawmakers. incompatibilities.

Crypto money is expected to soon become an "emergency asset class". Resolving security issues will be the culmination of the adaptation and wide spread of the traditional financial sector of crypto money.

Robert Kelly of CNBC