JPMorgan Co-President Jerry Pinto: Crypto Money Will Play '' An Important Role in the Future ''

On May 16, 19459004, JPMorgan Co-Chair Jerry Pinto confirmed that the bank was "looking" at the Bitcoin world and crypto currencies would play an important role in the future

Pinto, who interviewed CNBC with two interviews and was in the same line as CEO CEO Jamie Dimon said that JPMorgan could trade Bitcoin futures contracts,

In response to question whether they would trade bitcoin-related products,

"We are observing this market. There is no doubt that this technology will somehow play an important role in the future. "

" If we have to make bitcoin futures contracts, can we do that? Yeah. Did we do that? No. "

This neutral approach presented by Pinto is one of the giants in the investment banking sector JPMorgan is the continuation of the incomprehensible signals sent by Bitcoin for 2018 in 2018.

Using customers' credit cards, senior managers had talked about the useful aspects of both Bitcoin and blockchain technology at different times and in different places Dimon known for their steadily declining market commentary despite forbidding to buy money

Pinto states that he joins these high-level investors' caravans and does not see the future of the economy independently of the crypto parallels.

Finally, Pinto said, "Tokenization of the economy is very realistic to me" 19659004] "Crypto par

JPMorgan is working on real-time and interbank payment system development using Blockhain technology, which we can see in the news we published last week. [19659000] Source: Coin Telegraph