JPMorgan Crypto Strategy Department Has Found a New Name Per Establishment

According to a report published by Business Insider on May 17 the leading US banking and finance group J PMorgan Chase reported that crypto assets Oliver Harris who was born in London and born in London joined the Umar Farooq who took the new role and headed the blockchain development department It will work. Harris will also manage JPMorgan's internal blockchain project Quorum jointly developed by Bank of Canada and JPMorgan Chase .

Business Insider'a , Harris will be responsible for finding new crypto projects for the bank and managing the flocks, instead of actively trading in crypto money.

For the past two years, Harris has found JPMorgan's financial technology startup companies, which he believes promising for the bank, to form partnerships with them. JPMorgan co-chairman Daniel Pinto, recently interviewed CNBC in an interview with CNBC about the positive view of cryptographic currencies had the impression that he had. Pinto had stated that the "tokenization" of the financial system in his pronouncements was "real", as "many central banks can understand that they are investigating this phenomenon."

In general, the investment bank giant JPMorgan has always been skeptical about cryptographic currencies, but Pinto has said that global acceptance of crypto money is not possible because of the " In February, the bank banned customers to receive crypt money with their credit cards . In addition, the crypto currencies did not neglect to label as a "risk factor" in the annual SEC report of 2017.

Last year JPMorgan chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon, Bitcoin stated that he would expel all the BTC-trading members from company accounts, saying "fraud". Dimon soon returned from such a close date as the month of January January and had a more moderate attitude towards the crypto paralara.