Jupiter and Venus Change the Earth's Orbit

In order to prove the truth of the scientists, he managed to find the first evidence of a long-suffering thought. Jupiter and Venus change the orbit of our planet every 405 thousand years.

According to a scientific article published this week by Jupiter and Venus, the gravitational forces cause the orbit of our planet to change every 405 thousand years. [19659003] Under the leadership of Professor Dennis V. Kent, a professor at Rutgers University, research conducted by many geologists and scientists has revealed that Earth has been exposed to this effect regularly for at least 215 million years.

The time of reversal of the Earth's magnetic field, comparing the times of formation of sediments containing zircon minerals, which allows climate cycling and radioactive dating, to be compared with each other the team got clear data about the orbit of our planet changing every 405 thousand years. The change in the amount of heat and light the Earth receives from the Sun changes as a result of this change caused by the effects of Venus and Jupiter.

With this discovery, the developments experienced in the period when the magnetic field of the Earth, which lived 200 to 250 million years ago and lasted for 30 million years, are reversed, will be clearly examined. At that time, the supercontinent Pangea was torn, dinosaurs and mammals appeared on the world stage.


In the wake of mass extinction following the end of the period, one of the most interesting periods of evolution and fossil history was entered.
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It will be possible to build net time schedules for these periods and to categorize the fossil evidence correctly.

Research that will contribute greatly to climate studies and to make the evolution process better understandable, we can ensure that we have the possibility of life in sight and make more accurate estimates.