Lambos in front of Consensus 2018 are only promotional

On Monday morning in New York, attention was paid to the fact that 3 Lamborghini's were parked in front of the hotel, which was the world's largest crypt money and Blockchain event, Consensus 2018. Most people thought that these Lamborghinis belonged to crypto money investors who came to the conference, but none of them belonged to Bitcoin or any other digital money investor.

The truth was later understood. According to CNBC, two of the luxury automobiles were from Broadway Supercars, a New Jersey-based car rental company, owned by John Nouri, the founder of the company.

Nouri said the vehicles were rented for parking in front of the hotel for five and a half hours on Monday, and the conference was held at the conference.

'I did not make any money at the crypto but there are 10 lambs'

Nouri said, "We always do this for many companies. This is quite remarkable for the people who come in. They all say they bought a lambo when they earned money in kripto.

Nouri's company rents Lamborghini for $ 1000 a day.

Bitcoin has been rated 13 times this year and has created crypto millionaires around the world.