LockTrip is waiting for your support at the KuCoin race: Airdrop has a chance!

LockTrip joins a contest organized by KuCoin, waiting for support from all cryptovers. By joining the Airdrop campaign, you can have the token of the platform, adding value to your tokens by supporting it in the race.

We have already brought LockTrip to our pages. This tremendous platform that ended up having to pay for hotel and travel reservations when we had to pay off charges with Blockchain on derivatives like Airbnb and and even got a big trump to pass them: 0% commission.

An investment in an ICO we all want to succeed after we have done it. But this is not always possible, ICOs can disappear without listing their tokens on the stock market.

The platform, organized by KuCoin and participating in a contest entitled "Vote For Your Coin", will be eligible for free listing on this giant bourse if it wins the contest it is currently in the leadership race. [Locked] 19659005] What is the competition about?

If LockTrip wins this contest, it will be worthwhile by offering a much smoother experience for its users. The platform, which is very close to winning the $ 30,000 marketing package and the free listing on the stock exchange, expects support from investors and cryptographers.

Even if you already have a platform token, the airdrop option is still available.

The platform encourages everyone to vote

LockTrip is an airdrop camp that encourages everyone to vote and vote

It's a great opportunity for owners of potential tokens and those who already have it and needs the support of all crypto- launched.

How long will the competition take?

The competition, which started yesterday, will finish on July 15 at 11.00 am TUESDAY by registering at the KuCoin airdrop page. At the moment you can complete your registration in only two minutes, join the contest and have two LockTrip tokens, you can support the listing on the platform.

Requirements for Participation in the Competition

  • NO YOU SHOULD SHARE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. All you need is an e-mail address registered with KuCoin
  • Vote for LockTrip only once in the KuCoin mail
  • Benefit is that we do not want you to constantly post messages to the telegram channel, and you should not have an aggressive attitude towards admins and users

How do I vote?

  1. If you are not a member of KuCoin, click here to join now.
  2. Join KuCoin Telegram
  3. Go to the related menu to send private message to @Voting_Kucoin_Bot user. The robot will ask you a few questions
  • Please respond to the WHAT IS YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS prompt by typing your email address that you registered with KuCoin
  • Reply to the Project Name prompt by typing LockTrip
  • What Makes This Project In the Special question, you are asked about your idea about this project. You can respond to LockTrip with a few special words. If you need an opinion, click here to watch LockTrip's YouTube video.

If you joined AirDrop, you should get a screenshot of your vote using this link.

If the process is complicated, do not worry, all you have to do is watch the following video:

In summary, this screen image should be uploaded to LockTrip Dashbord. …

Listing LockTrip in KuCoin means that the ICO is a success. If you have not invested before, you can earn LockTrip tokens for free by joining AirDrop. If you also vote, LockTrip will be listed in KuCoin

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