NASA Holds $ 1 Million Award-Winning Contest

The conqueror of space NASA is awarding a total of $ 1 million to the winners of the contestant they seek to produce food on Mars.

NASA is doing a lot of research to build a living space on Mars. NASA's latest work; (CO2) found on the planet was looking for ways to turn it into sugar. So, NASA, thinking of having the resources to produce basic food, even started a $ 1 million prize contest for it.

Sugar is synthesized by plants in the world and processed easily. It's a logical theory that sugar, which is a building block of carbon and oxygen, is made up of molecules in carbon dioxide. NASA;


If there is a way for this transformation,
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Monsie Roman, manager of Nasa's Centennial Challenges program, added, "When we talk about the challenging conditions of the planet Mars, we will need a large amount of resources to sustainable human life on another planet and we will not carry everything we need. We have to be creative.


If we convert the source into a useful product in existing and abundant quantities such as carbon dioxide, the use in the space will be endless.
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The competition to produce sugar from carbon dioxide from two sessions will end in 2019. Each of the 5 selected teams will be rewarded with $ 50,000.