NASA sends helicopters to Mars: What will they do with it?

According to a statement made by NASA officials, Mars will be a helicopter on the 2020 traveling team.

You have misread it, as NASA announced on May 11, 2018, there will be a small helicopter on Mars's 2020 rover.

NASA's manager Jim Bridenstine said: "NASA has a full and proud history with the firsts, and the idea of ​​a helicopter taking off on another planet is exciting. Mars helicopters are a solid step for our future science and space studies. "


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NASA's Mars helicopter, a small autonomous helicopter, will be on a journey of exploration with travelers in 2020. The dual wings on the helicopter will turn 10 times faster than a helicopter around the world to survive Mars's subtle atmosphere.

The Mars helicopter project is high risk, but the results may be very good, according to NASA. If the helicopter idea fails anyway, this will not affect the rest of the team. However, if successful, the planet will have access to the currently unavailable place.