NASA to Broadcast the Journey to the Sun

The mission of the solar journey that NASA has been working on for a long time is finally starting. The launch, which will take place at 10.33 local time on August 11, will be broadcast live.

NASA has been working on the project of "touching the sun" for a long time. For the first time, we will come close to the Sun as a humanity, and it is thought that this project will make great changes in our understanding and appreciation of the Earth.

When the hours showed 10.33 on August 11 (03.33 AM EST), NASA's Parker Solar Probe named the space shuttle to the Sun. the road will come out. Parker Solar Probe, which will travel about 6 million kilometers of the Sun, will fight at this distance with a temperature of 1,300 degrees. NASA will be launching the launch of the Parker Solar Probe, perhaps the most important space project of the last period, for the whole world.


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You can follow the pre-launch events live from the same link until the moment you launch on the YouTube live link above.