New Information on How Stonehenge Was Found

Stonehenge is a very interesting building in England, thought to have been formed between the Neolithic Stone Age and the Bronze Age.

There is considerable interest in the formation of Stonehenge, which has been studied for many years, an appealing new claim was put forward.

However, Brian John, the scientist who carried out the new study, argued that the research is out of science, and that for many years it has not been clear how clear information can be obtained.

These giant stones, which were made according to John and thought to be bluestones, were moved by a glacier about 500,000 years ago. John, who also says they have found a lot of evidence supporting this view in the region, thinks that this information has made many things clear.



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One of the most challenging questions about the structure was how old people could have the gentle or knowledge to carry these stones. John, however, thinks that the fact that the glaciers have dragged their stones gave a very logical answer to this question. According to John, the drifting stones were revealed by the beginning of the melting of the glaciers.

How was Stonehenge made?

Many years of research on Stonehenge have revealed that the stones used in the area came from a mine about 250 km away. It is thought that the stones have been processed in different societies over time and have been developed more and more each time they have reached the end. The first phase is thought to have been made 5000 years ago. Many of these findings have been confirmed by various bones and articles found in the area.



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The discovery of these stones, each of which weighs tons, is carried to the region through glaciers, the answer is 'mysterious'. John, who runs the project, says that the meaning of the upload is actually a hollow balloon and that it does not mean much to people who did it 5,000 years ago. Similar structures and Stonehenge studies in many parts of the world in the past have also said that these structures may be some kind of giant sundial, but this information has yet to be proven