Patient data will now be more secure thanks to Curaison

After a series of high-profile surveys of cheerleaders in the UK, confidence in the safety of patients' medical records was greatly diminished. The explanation of a case in which a British newspaper obtained medical evidence with fraud was also effective in reducing this confidence. In other cases, the confidentiality of medical data has become dangerous, and in some jurisdictions confidentiality rights conflict with general research needs. Curaizon, a pioneer in drug addiction technologies, offers a solution to protect the privacy of data. Curaizon's solution is to use Blockchain-based proprietary technologies to safely share data, which is crucial to patients, hospitals and medical researchers.

Cigarette attack in the UK reveals a pitfall in the healthcare sector

May 2017 ' The serious cyber attack that has taken place in some parts of the UK's National Health Service has made IT systems unusable. And, in particular, it posed a great risk to medical data. Now, a new case on the agenda shows journalists target the hospital records of celebrities. Independent media platform Byline Investigations, a freelance news media source for The Sun, a UK newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, said he was bribed to show up as a psychiatrist and get medical records of movies and pop stars. [19659004] Adam Tanner, in his book, "Our Bodies and Our Data," tells how companies earn billions by selling medical records. Even if the data are anonymized, the public is also at risk. Patients share their personal information with doctors, with certainty that they will not be shared with third parties. However, in many cases the information alleged to be anonymized is usually the highest bidder sold. The advances in technology compile detailed files about individuals by taking cross-references to data miners or other brokers, then information from different sources such as data and online information from various fitness monitors. A recent article in the Journal of Law and The Biosciences, meanwhile, is a little-known fact that US healthcare providers can present a patient genome to anyone who wants that information without the patient's consent.

it is not surprising that they are cautious about sharing, even if this is a negative effect on the health of their silence. This is of course true when drug addiction levels are too high (reaching 50 percent among adults). Curaizon helps patients to have their own health care data and share it with relevant institutions in a proper manner by taking necessary approvals from patients when needed.

Curaizon uses technology that ruins the healthcare industry

Curaizon's CuraServe technology has reduced dependency on healthcare, reduced costs of healthcare, and improved healthcare costs. and supports medical research. This technology is made up of three basic parts: CuraServe, CuraView and CuraData. CuraServe communicates with patients and makes non-intrusive reminders to take medicine. briefly provides a real-time view of patient behavior. CuraView works by integrating with the old systems of healthcare providers, providing real-time feedback to electronic medical records. All data collected with CuraServe is stored in CuraData, representing the unique and anonymous data of patients and includes only demographic and loyalty data. The system combines data collected by Curaizon's real-time compliance technology with patient data.

Curaizon's CEO Nicholas Rumble is the owner of the company,

In addition to developing surveillance research, large data analysis also develops operational logistics. Doctors can use our AI technology to treat patients more effectively. Our current technology provides healthcare providers with real-time monitoring of patients and their conditions. Thus, the health status of the patients is monitored more effectively and the likelihood of being admitted to the hospital again is probably reduced.

Researchers, academics and pharmacists can also access large data anonymized via CuraData's unique architecture. At the same time, Blockchain technology offers greater security through encryption and cloud services. As a result, patients and healthcare providers are not the sole beneficiaries of safe medical data.

Visit the company's website for detailed information on this breakthrough company in the healthcare industry and the Blockchain-based technology used.

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