Practice to Make Face of Marketers Smile From Facebook

Over the past few weeks, we've heard new initiatives and forward-looking plans that Facebook will consistently make. At this point, the social media giant is planning to implement an application that will meet customers with the marketers.

Facebook is preparing to sail with new initiatives and practices to regain the reputation that has collapsed after the scandal, The social media giant, which receives different updates and features, is now implementing an application that will meet its customers with marketers.


            "I have not been demolished", Facebook is working to reach bigger masses

On the new platform, it will be easy to find customers who match most with marketers' brands. The first images of the application, which has not yet entered the market, were shared by a German site. On the platform called Branded Content Mapping, there will be 3 highlights: Search, Suggested Creators, Registered Lists.

Search lets you search the creators to see what masses they have reached. So, for example, you can search for content creators who are suitable for young women or popular with young women.

Registered Lists are places where you can find more information about your chosen topics. You can sort them by the number of interactions or views per video.

Suggested Creator is a list, as you can see from its name. Facebook also pointed to the presence of this platform months ago, while offering new tools for content creators.

This platform is a very useful and helpful tool for branded content opportunities, as we will learn more about the coming months. This platform, which is not known when it will be available yet, can also give you good opportunities to make money.